Attracting bees and butterflies
Suitable for pots and planters
Deer and rodent resistant
Suitable as cut flower

This Flower Bulb Pizza Narcissus Tête á Tête and Grape Grapes (Muscari Armeniacum) is a great mix brought together in a beautifully decorated box. The daffodil is multi-flowered, so even with a small number of bulbs you still have a beautiful lush cluster of flowers. Beautiful in combination with Muscari armeniacum, which is also called grape hyacinth. The colors yellow and blue are fresh and playful at the same time. Give your garden a wonderful look with these cheerful spring flowers.

The beautiful packaging is filled with a biodegradable pizza shape that is filled with flower bulbs, served with a pair of gardening gloves and a garden shovel to finish it off. This is a nice gift to receive or to give, useful materials and of course the flower bulbs that look great in pots but also in the border. Nice to give if you know that someone loves gardening, and success guaranteed for all birthdays and holidays.


- 1 x pair of gloves

- 1 x plant scoop

- 1 x biodegradable tray filled with flower bulbs (diameter approx. 24 cm)

- 1 x planting instruction

  • Flowering period
  • Planting period

Attracting bees and butterflies Yes
Bulb type Muscari, Narcissus
Deer and rodent resistant No
Delivered as Flower bulb or tuber
Flower colour Blue, Yellow
Flowering period March, April
Hardiness zone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Hardy Yes
Naturalising Yes
Per package 1
Place / Planting position Partial shade, Sun
Scented No
Suitable as cut flower No
Suitable for pots and planters Yes

Other information

  • First loosen the soil well where the muscari bulbs will be planted. Then the soil is easier to work with.
  • Dig a hole and make sure it is 2 to 3 times as deep as the height of the bulbs.
  • For the distance between the bulbs, make sure it is 2 times the diameter of the bulbs.
  • Plant the flower bulbs in the hole with the pointed side facing up or with the root base facing down.
  • Cover the muscari bulbs with soil and water them well.

Pre-orders can be placed until the first week of August, which will be shipped in the first half of September and delivered in October.