Big flower bulb = Big flower?

The size of flower bulbs is an important factor in the quality and appearance of the flowers and plants that grow from them. So it is not surprising that there is a great demand for larger bulbs. But why is this so important and how is bulb size measured?

How is the size of flower bulbs measured?

The size of flower bulbs is measured in centimetres and refers to the circumference of the bulb. The larger the bulb, the more nutrients and energy it contains. The reason for this is that larger bulbs have more cup or storage leaves that can store nutrients and energy. This means that larger bulbs have a higher metabolism, resulting in bigger and stronger flowers and plants. When a bulb is planted, it uses this energy to form roots and grow. Over time, the plant forms leaves and eventually produces flowers. When a bulb has more nutrients, the plant can produce more leaves and flowers.

Official bulb size classification 

There is an official classification for the sizes of flower bulbs. The largest size is called "Mammoth" or "Jumbo" and is usually 4,7 inch in diameter. The next size is "Size 1" with a size of 3,9-4,7 inch. Size 2 has a diameter of 3,1-3,5 inch and the smallest size is "size 3" with diameters of 1,5 to 2,7 inch.

For dahlia tubers, the classification refers to the weight of the tuber. Tuber sizes I and II are suitable for cultivation. Tuber size II has a weight of 50 to 100 grams. From 100 grams it is tuber size I. Again, the heavier the bulb, the more profusely the flower is likely to bloom.

Larger bulbs are hardier

In general, larger bulbs are more resistant to plant diseases and pests than smaller bulbs. This is because larger bulbs have more reserves to recover from a stressful situation such as a disease or pest invasion.

Larger onions often bloom longer

When you put a bulb in the ground, it uses up its energy to grow and develop. When the flower has faded, the plant starts to put its energy into producing seeds. When a bulb is bigger, it has more energy to produce seeds. This means that the plant can live longer, produce more flowers and reproduce better.

What bulb sizes are available at QFB Gardening?

At QFB Gardening we place great emphasis on quality. For this reason, we only sell bulbs in the best bulb size to ensure that our customers receive the best possible quality. We are convinced that only the best bulbs can deliver the best results. By the way, for tulips, bulb size 11/12 is the largest size available, which you get in our webshop! The same applies to our dahlias with bulb size I. By selling high quality bulbs, we ensure that your plants grow healthy and strong and provide you with beautiful blooms. We pride ourselves on offering only the best to our customers and are sure you will be delighted with our bulbs and tubers!