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When is the best time to buy flower bulbs?

The best moment to buy flower bulbs depends on which flower bulbs you want to buy, summer flowering bulbs or spring flowering bulbs?

Summer flowering bulbs: You can pre-order these flower bulbs and tubers (pre-order) from February. You can plant the summer bulbs and tubers from May (after the last frost). We advise you to plant before the longest day (June 21st). These living products need oxygen. If you receive the summer bulbs before the planting period: store the bulbs and tubers in a shed or garage, in a dark and cool place, but frost-free. Most summer flowering bulbs and tubers consist for the most part of moisture and therefore cannot tolerate frost. Make sure they are not in a draft.

You can also preserve the summer bloomers in a pot. Many summer flowering bulbs, such as tuberous begonias can be planted indoors in pots from the end of February. Growth starts in a light spot and at a temperature of up to approximately 18 degrees Celsius. From mid-May, the pots can go outside, or the plants can be placed in the ground. By favoring summer flowering bulbs, it is achieved that when planting after mid-May, whole plants can be planted outside, instead of the otherwise bare bulbs or tubers.

The big advantage of summer bloomers is that they grow quickly after planting. Many of these crops also bloom for a very long time or give new flowers so that you can enjoy the fresh and bright summer colors all summer long.

Spring flowering bulbs: You can already order flower bulbs from this from (pre-order) June. If you want to be sure that all types are still available, we recommend ordering early. Certainly our exclusive range is sometimes limited, so you can miss it if you order late. You can order the spring flowering bulbs from us until December. Sending the Spring flowering bulbs starts early in September so that you will have the flower bulbs at home in time to be able to plant them. Spring bloomers can be planted from September to Christmas.

If you buy your flower bulbs in a garden center or hardware store, they are often of a significantly lower quality. They are often small bulbs and have been in packaging for a long time that has not been stored under the right conditions.

At QFB Gardening we store each variety in the most suitable conditions and we never pack too much in advance. This means that we can guarantee the best flower bulbs!


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